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Keep your valuable leather furniture looking it’s best!
Air-conditioning, heaters, ultraviolet rays (sunlight), perspiration, body oils, cosmetics and general day-to-day use are factors that determine how often your leather furniture should be cleaned.

Leather requires routine cleaning to maintain and prolong its luxurious appearance and condition.

Our technicians have the knowledge, experience and correct solutions to clean, moisturise and protect your leather upholstery.
We use a mild shampoo, developed to gently remove soiling from both protected and factory finished leather furniture. The addition of moisturisers, conditioners and lubricants improve the softness of the leather after cleaning.
Leather Protector must be applied only to new or freshly cleaned, completely dry and prepared leather.
Esteem Cleaning use a new generation, low sheen, water based film forming protector & restorer developed for the aftercare of leather furniture. Whilst other non-film forming wax or silicon wax type protectors provide lubrication & moisturizing, they fail to increase wet spill resistance.

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